Prime Cuts Beef Box


The perfect mix of grass-fed beef products from Prime Cuts Meat Market! Includes Beef Roasts, Ground Chuck, Top Sirloin Steaks, Boneless Ribeye Steaks, and New York Strip steaks!


Discover our Premium Prime Cuts Beef Box, the perfect curated assortment of pasture-raised beef products from Prime Cuts Meat Market!  Here’s what you get:

(2) 3lb Beef Roasts

(5) 1 lb Ground Chuck

(2) 10 oz Top Sirloin

(1) 16-20 oz Boneless Ribeye

(2) 10 oz New York Strip

All of our beef is pasture-fed on our family farm, ensuring the highest quality and taste in every bite. Order now and experience the difference of farm-fresh beef delivered straight to your door!


photos show examples of just a few of the types of products you’ll receive in your Beef Box!


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